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Opening: September 1, 2012

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| Nico Matthew Van Alen | Eighteen | FC: Jake Abel | Open |

Nico, Nico, Nico. One word, Ladies man. Nico is a bit of a heartbreaker, he loves to mess with girls. He’s young but not the least bit out of control. He knows his way around and finds ways to avoid trouble at all cost. Being his father’s only son, there is loads of pressure on him, to be better, to be fit, to be smart, to be cunning. Everything weighs on his shoulders, and of course the family business. It’s not that he doesn’t want to take over after his father steps down, it’s that he doesn’t have much of a choice.

Another big pressure is taking care of his sisters, not baby sitting but literally watching them. With Kierra ready to fall in love with the next thing that walks her way and Kendall being a snob, he’s got a bit to watch over. Every day his father reminds him that if anything happens to them, it’ll be on Nico. Nico is more close with Kendall than Kierra, seeing as no one can really get to close to Kierra. Kendall always runs to him with her boy problems and of course Nico scares the guys off. Although he is protective of both, like his father he is more protective of Kierra.

Because of her reckless ways, he makes an extra effort that boys steer clear from her. Especially the Saldana boys, and of course the Knights. He has never gotten along with them and doesn’t intend on starting anytime soon.


  • Kendall Van Alen (sister)
  • Kierra Van Alen (sister)
  • Peter Van Alen (cousin)
  • Nicholas Van Alen (father)
  • Kim Van Alen (mother)


  • Candice Knight
  • more to come!

Love interest: 

  • Candice Knight
  • Aurora Saldana
  • more to come!